Five Z Labs is an NFT creation and digital design studio. Our aim is to make beneficial initiatives for humanity by focusing on future technologies.

Our Goals

We see that NFT and Metaverse technologies are an integral part of life in the future. Thanks to the convenience and great advantages it will provide in the future, a part of life will shift to metaverse platforms. New platforms will become necessary for social media that we use today and will use in the future. At this point, users will need to switch to new platforms. So there will be a social media vacuum. We already see this gap and we are excited to join this path early.

In this direction, our goals as Five Z;

1. To fill this gap by integrating social media into the metaverse in the future.

2. To become one of the most well-known NFT collections in the world and to give a different direction to the NFT world with our projects.

3. To grow and develop our team and to have a say in the world of Metaverse – Web 3.0.

4. Organizing special events accessible to NFT owners and opening a specialty store.

5. To become a big family by growing our community day by day.

6. To enable our community to grow so that people can adopt these technologies faster in the future.

7. To create a big Metaverse world by creating different NFT projects in the future.

8. To integrate many projects into Metaverse by collaborating with other NFT projects.



We started the Penguzz NFT project, our first collection, in September 2021. After nearly 1 year of work, we announced our Penguzz project, which consists of 10,000 NFTs.

We will launch our project in the coming dates and we will be ready for the big start.